Strategic Partnerships




COBAPHARMA & SINOCHEM PHARMACEUTICAL (Sinochem Jiangsu Co.) have established a commercial joint-venture to promote high quality Chinese pharmaceutical ingredients through its network, synergies and capabilities. This collaboration also offers filing and distribution services of APIs and finished products in China. 






COBAPHARMA & MEGAFINE have created a strategic alliance for developing and marketing APIs and advanced intermediates in some key markets. Megafine, established in 1995, is a privately owned and professionally managed enterprise with its corporate office in Mumbai and two multipurpose manufacturing sites, both succesfully inspected by renowned health authorities.



COBAPHARMA has settled a key partnership with HARMAN FINOCHEM to distribute their APIs and maximize the presence into specific European markets. Harman Finochem is India based Pharmaceutical Company established in 1983. The core competencies are in manufacturing and exporting of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients produced in two State-of-the-art manufacturing sites at Aurangabad, accredited by US-FDA, EU-GMP; TGA and WHO GMP.